Why I started a blog!

Hi! For my first post, I thought it would be suitable to tell you all why I am starting a blog.

I have had a website since 2013, and I just thought of it as a fun way to spend my time. I posted poems I made, short stories and posts about my favourite creatures ever, dogs. I am ashamed to say that for the past few months I basically neglected my website and forgot to post regularly and just recently I thought I should start over again and redesign it all. As it was going to be a new beginning completely, I wondered what the overall theme of the website should be, and I really liked the idea of a blog, and, here I am writing my first blog post!

I am excited for what this has in store, and will try to post regularly.

I hope that you can come along on this journey with me!

Until next week,

Kezia xx