Fire, by Kezia Owens

Nee, Naw, Nee, Naw.

On goes the siren of the fire engine.

Nee, Naw, Nee, Naw.

Going onwards, a battle to win.

Crackle, Crackle,


Now the firemen hear the fire roar,

So water unto it they pour,

Still a scent of stifling smoke,

But the fire they did choke,

No one hurt,

Thanks to the alert,

I think they reached it,

JUST in time!


One thought on “Fire, by Kezia Owens

  1. Fire out of control is so frightening! Even in your last line the fear has still not totally subsided because they reached it “JUST in time” – you get the feeling that it could all have been so dreadfully different if the alert had not gone out!

    Keep writing! xo

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