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I am having a great holiday, but the best time was at West Strand with my dog, Daddy and oldest brother… Rosie’s first time off-leash and running about in joy 💕🐾

Here are some photos from our night –


Rosie at the West Strand
Rosie at the West Strand
Ears Flying :)
Ears Flying ūüôā
Playing Ball at Sunset
Playing Ball at Sunset

As you can see Daddy likes black and white photos!

My Wee Rosie Posie!!!!!

Rosie is very fluffy,

Her fur is sometimes quite puffy!

When she is sleepy and cute,

She is usually on mute.

I always love to feel her there,

She is love and peace that I will share!

She loves me to walk her,

If she could she would purr…



Rosie My Puppy!

For Christmas I got a Golden Labradoodle puppy after years of wanting a dog, and I called her Rosie.

She is a very intelligent dog.

Rosie’s hair is so soft and she is lovely to pet!

She loves to chase her tail and it is funny to watch her!

Rosie is definitely one of the nicest dogs in the world.

She already knows how to sit, give her paw, stay, heel, spin, lie down, she sits and waits till you allow her to eat and she can make a figure of eight between your legs – and she is only 16 weeks old!

She is beautiful!

Rosie loves the snow and enjoys having a nibble at it!

This is Rosie! ūüôā

Puppy-dog eyes!

¬†Fishy dreams…

 Fishy Dreams

“What is that clicking thing?”

This bed is nearly too small already!

Say cheese!

Say Cheese!

“I’m not looking at you!”


My Daddy actually took these photographs and you can check out more of his photos at

Rio the Red Setter

Rio is my Auntie Melody and Uncle Ian’s ¬†lovely Red Setter pup.

He is sometimes calm, but when he in his ‘mad moods’ he is VERY lively!

His head is so silky and soft.

Rio sleeps on my knee, and is very smart!

He is very clever.

You just¬†can’t¬†be cross with him for long!

Rio is very mischievous, but all puppies are!

Whenever you see him your heart melts, and Rio’s hair is so soft.

He is a gorgeous dog!

Police Dogs

Police dogs are very useful to the police force. ¬†Dog handlers train them to capture criminals and control crowds and they are very alert to instructions. ¬†Police dogs retire if they are so seriously injured they won’t recover properly, or if they’re pregnant, or too old or sick.


Labrador Retriever, Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Blood Hound, Beagle, Springer Spaniel, Rottweiler, Boxer, Giant Schnauzer, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier.

Belgian Malinois, as police dogs, are active, protective and hard-working, making them good police dogs.

Doberman Pinschers should have a watchful, obedient, determined, proud, temperament.  Their tail is fairly long, except when it is cut shortly after birth as a result of docking.

I found some of this information from various books.

Dog Breeding

Dog Breeders are people who’s¬†work¬†is breeding dogs. ¬†They buy dogs, the dogs have pups, they sell the puppies, the dogs have more puppies, and the dog breeder’s cycle starts again. ¬†Dog breeders can make a lot of money and they can breed any type of dog. ¬†When two different types of dogs mate they can create an entirely different breed of dog, like a Cockapoo or a Labradoodle.

Dogs That Help Us

Guide dogs

Guide dogs, or seeing-eye dogs, are very useful to humans. ¬†Blind men and women sometimes use dogs, which help show them the way to go, by stopping and turning, the dog pulls on the lead. ¬†Dogs cannot see red, orange, or green so guide dogs learn to watch traffic lights and “read” them by their brightness and position rather than by colour.

Police dogs

Dogs that work with the police are trained to frighten and capture criminals, as well as controlling crowds, or finding lost people.  German Shepherds are popular because they are strong, intelligent and have an excellent sense of smell.

Mountain dogs

For hundreds of years Saint Bernard rescue dogs have searched through the alps for people who needed their help.  Stranded by the bad weather and avalanches, many climbers and walkers owe their lives to these noble dogs, who braved the mountains to save them.  All Saint Bernard rescue dogs are now retired from work.  Rescues in difficult conditions are now carried out by  helicopter  patrols with heat-seeking equipment.

Sheep dogs

Collies are often used as sheep dogs and they are able to follow instructions, to help herd an entire flock of sheep into a pen.  They crouch down and fix their gaze on the sheep, and herd the sheep without needing to bark or nip.

Guard dogs 

German shepherds are good guard dogs, being fierce, alert and intelligent.  Also some mongrels are good guard dogs as well.