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I Missed the Bus! by Kezia Owens

Beep! Beep! Beep! There goes my alarm.

Another Monday morning. Double maths and then double history.


I looked at my alarm. 7:51am.

It is nine minutes to eight and I leave for my bus at eight!

Where is my hairbrush? “Mum have you seen my hairbrush?” I tie my hair up in a messy ponytail.

I rush downstairs and skip exactly four steps. Anyway, let’s stop focussing on the details.

I grab a mouthful of dry cornflakes and my school bag.

“Bye Mum! I am staying for after school hockey today, is that ok?” I say.

“Yes that is fine, I will pick you up at quarter to five then! Now hurry or you will miss the bus!” She replied.

I walk down the road to the bus stop.  Exactly two minutes away from my house. Where are all my friends? I look at my watch.

8:02am! Noooooooooo! I missed the bus by two minutes!

Two minutes later… “Mum, I need a lift!”

(This is not real, it is just a story, and good thing it is nearly the summer HOLIDAYS!)


Fire, by Kezia Owens

Nee, Naw, Nee, Naw.

On goes the siren of the fire engine.

Nee, Naw, Nee, Naw.

Going onwards, a battle to win.

Crackle, Crackle,


Now the firemen hear the fire roar,

So water unto it they pour,

Still a scent of stifling smoke,

But the fire they did choke,

No one hurt,

Thanks to the alert,

I think they reached it,

JUST in time!


Long Journeys, by Kezia Owens

Oh, the torment,

Oh, the boredom,

Lo, the long-suffering that we need.

Heed the monotonous sound of the engine,

Droning me to sleep.

Five minutes later I stir,

And think an hour has passed,

But I’m still in the area that I saw last.

Overlooking villages, cities and fields,

Watching for our destination,

Feeling sick and desperate,

Because of the suspension.

At last, our surroundings look familiar,

Our journey’s end is drawing nigh,

As the motor slows down,

What a wave of relief rushes o’er me,

That I daren’t think of what awaits on the journey home…




Plants, by Kezia Owens

Plants come in all different sizes,

All the bulbs with different surprises,

They all come in different shapes,

Out of the bulb an original escapes.


Annual or alpine,

Bean or bush,

Crop or cross,

Flower or fungus,


Herb or hybrid,

Moss or mutant,

Seedling or sport,

Variety or vine.


We all love to see them grow,

In the sun or in the snow,

All things beautiful God made,

“Let it be,” that’s what He said.


Other Exciting Websites

I would like to recommend for the second time, My brother Jed owns the site, and if you are interested in book blips, book reviews or football, his website is the way to go. Click here to visit his blog.

But, maybe you don’t like books or football. Maybe you love art, or stunning photographs. Then GO Photography NI, by my Daddy, is the website for YOU!!!!!

Hope you visit  the blogs and enjoy them a lot, Thank you!!!!

The Saviour Of The World, by Kezia Owens

This IS hard for us, as humans, to believe…

God sent His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son so that anyone, anyone AT ALL could be saved and go to a better place – heaven to live with our Saviour, Jesus Christ, for all eternity…

…BUT only those who BELIEVE that God lives. Who BELIEVE that Jesus rose from the dead and who BELIEVE in the power of Jesus.

ANYONE can be saved from destruction in hell – murderers, thieves, liars, children, the elderly or cheaters!  If you believe that no one would have the grace and mercy to forgive YOU, you DO NOT know what my God is like!

Good news, good news Christ died for YOU!  Good news, good news if YOU believe! Good news, good news, you’ll be saved eternally.  That’s WONDERFUL, EXTRA, GOOD news!

 Living, He loved YOU,

Dying, He saved YOU,

Buried, He carried YOUR sins far away,

Rising, He justified freely forever, 

One day He’s coming,


Tennis, by Kezia Owens

The thwack of the balls,

The commentator calls,

The watchers shouting “whack it,”

Making such a racket,

The players groaning,

The fans moaning,

They’re on the telly,

And they’re getting sweaty

The winner rejoicing,

Not scared of voicing,

Because they have won,

And because they had fun!