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I Missed the Bus! by Kezia Owens

Beep! Beep! Beep! There goes my alarm.

Another Monday morning. Double maths and then double history.


I looked at my alarm. 7:51am.

It is nine minutes to eight and I leave for my bus at eight!

Where is my hairbrush? “Mum have you seen my hairbrush?” I tie my hair up in a messy ponytail.

I rush downstairs and skip exactly four steps. Anyway, let’s stop focussing on the details.

I grab a mouthful of dry cornflakes and my school bag.

“Bye Mum! I am staying for after school hockey today, is that ok?” I say.

“Yes that is fine, I will pick you up at quarter to five then! Now hurry or you will miss the bus!” She replied.

I walk down the road to the bus stop.  Exactly two minutes away from my house. Where are all my friends? I look at my watch.

8:02am! Noooooooooo! I missed the bus by two minutes!

Two minutes later… “Mum, I need a lift!”

(This is not real, it is just a story, and good thing it is nearly the summer HOLIDAYS!)