Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Saviour Of The World, by Kezia Owens

This IS hard for us, as humans, to believe…

God sent His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son so that anyone, anyone AT ALL could be saved and go to a better place – heaven to live with our Saviour, Jesus Christ, for all eternity…

…BUT only those who BELIEVE that God lives. Who BELIEVE that Jesus rose from the dead and who BELIEVE in the power of Jesus.

ANYONE can be saved from destruction in hell – murderers, thieves, liars, children, the elderly or cheaters!  If you believe that no one would have the grace and mercy to forgive YOU, you DO NOT know what my God is like!

Good news, good news Christ died for YOU!  Good news, good news if YOU believe! Good news, good news, you’ll be saved eternally.  That’s WONDERFUL, EXTRA, GOOD news!

 Living, He loved YOU,

Dying, He saved YOU,

Buried, He carried YOUR sins far away,

Rising, He justified freely forever, 

One day He’s coming,


Tennis, by Kezia Owens

The thwack of the balls,

The commentator calls,

The watchers shouting “whack it,”

Making such a racket,

The players groaning,

The fans moaning,

They’re on the telly,

And they’re getting sweaty

The winner rejoicing,

Not scared of voicing,

Because they have won,

And because they had fun!