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I am having a great holiday, but the best time was at West Strand with my dog, Daddy and oldest brother… Rosie’s first time off-leash and running about in joy 💕🐾

Here are some photos from our night –


Rosie at the West Strand
Rosie at the West Strand
Ears Flying :)
Ears Flying 🙂
Playing Ball at Sunset
Playing Ball at Sunset

As you can see Daddy likes black and white photos!

Holiday Time! by Kezia Owens

Holiday time is just to begin,

A happy time with some of my kin,

Hopefully a time with not too much din,

Holiday time is just to begin!


We are staying in a house that over looks the track,

We can watch the trains going there and back.

So the room I’m sleeping in could be my little fort,

And I suppose the house is a castle of sorts!


A time away from home,

Though not to roam,

A lovely time with no want to moan,

Which is why I made a poem!