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Rubbish, by Kezia Owens

Rubbish, litter everywhere,

On the ground and in the air.

Silly people just don’t care,

Leaving junk anywhere!


Garbage, trash, what a mess,

All it does is cause distress!

I know – I do not need to guess,

Waste, scrap, what a pest.

When I see rubbish I could pout,

All I want to do is shout.

I certainly have no doubt,

That people throw rubbish all about!


Do not be a litter-bug,

And put it in the bin.

It isn’t very far to lug,

All it’ll take is a min!


A Special Alphabet, by Kezia Owens


A is for Answers that God gives to prayers. He will always answer so never give up praying!

B is for Blessings that God gives abundantly. Food, money, water and health are all blessings from God. He gives you so many you can’t even count them!

C is for Calvary where Christ died for us so if we believe in Him we will live in heaven forever, escaping the sorrow and suffering that Jesus then suffered on the cross for us.

D is for the Devil who tries to kill us and keep us from life and happiness in heaven.

E is for Eternal life in heaven or in hell. We will suffer eternally in hell if we will not trust in God and be saved while the saved are rejoicing and praising the King of Kings in Heaven.

F is for the Fire which is waiting for sinners in hell.

G is for Get Ready for the Judgment Day. Are you ready? Are you going to meet me in Heaven some day? 

H is for Hell were sinners will dwell, and for Heaven were Christians will go and have a better life when they die.

I is for Idols which people foolishly worship, who will die and go to hell if they do not turn to the REAL GOD.

J is for Jesus who came from heaven’s glory to rescue people from their sins.

K is for the King who lives in heaven being saddened every time a lost sinner dies.

L is for Listen to the sound of the Lord knocking at the door of your heart asking to come in.

is for Mansions for us to live in that are waiting for the saved when they die or when they are took up to heaven.

is for Now. Now is the time to repent because you don’t know when your life will end. 

is for One Way to get to heaven – by asking the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart.

is for the Perfect Son of God that came from the perfection of heaven to come into this world of woe and sin, only because he loved us.

is for the Quietness in which my Lord came, willing to die and suffer all the sins of the world and every Christian’s punishment – every Christian’s hell experience that they would have suffered. 

is for Resurrection, Christ rose again and is now in heaven waiting for the saved to arrive in heaven when we die.

S is for the Salvation that Jesus brought to us.

is for Tell the world that Jesus saves people from their sins

is for Us. Jesus died to rescue us from everlasting pain in hell.

is for the Virgin Mary, unto which Jesus was born in a stable.

is for Christ’s Wounded hands, feet and side.

is for the Extra Good News that Jesus can wash away our sins.

Y is for the young and old Christian’s need to pray. 

is for the Zeal we have for God’s love.