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Disaster For Katie the Doll, by Kezia Owens

There were ten toys that lived in the nursery.

 They were called Katie the doll,  Velvet the cat, Woofy the dog, Weesie the squeezie Dolphin,  Glide the kite, Zoom the racing car, Marigold the talking baby, Plough the tractor, Cuddle the teddy and Pip the walking pumpkin!

They were very happy in the nursery because their owners, Polly and Poppy, twins, were very nice to them.

When the children went on holiday, their cousin, Joe looked after them.

Sometimes Joe went on holiday at the same time as Polly and Poppy, so then Anne and Alice would have to look after them.

It was in the summer holidays when the disaster striked!

Joe, Polly and Poppy were all going on holiday at the same time.

Anne and Alice would have to look after the toys.

The day before Polly and Poppy left for their holiday, Alice came to get the toys.  Alice put  Velvet, Pip, Woofy, Weesie, Glide, Zoom, Plough, Marigold and Cuddle in a box, and was looking around checking  there were no toys left behind, when her Mum called her to get into the car, so she had to go.

Now, Alice and Anne lived four hours away from Polly and Poppy’s house so once they had left they couldn’t go back.

When they got home Anne ran to the door, and peeped inside the box and noticed Katie the Doll was gone!

Oh dear, she was all alone in Polly and Poppy’s house.

Well, lets go and see how she is getting on on her own, shall we?

Katie the Doll was very sad.  She was sitting in the doll’s house in the bedroom, crying loudly.

She was not going to have a nice summer holiday, the poor doll!

So Katie spent her holidays in the nursery doing nothing and when Marigold, Cuddle, Woofy, Velvet and the rest came home they found her very down-in-the-dumps!

Even though she missed out on most of the fun, she was happy the other toys were back and glad that it was her that got left behind!

Katie soon recovered from her upset and was happily playing with Pip and Weesie and everybody else again.

What a disaster for poor Katie the doll!

Food, by Kezia Owens

Food is really good,

Fresh strawberries,

Would I eat it yes I would,

Nice cherries!


Food is really good,

Colourful sweets,

Could I eat it yes I could,

Tasty meats!


Food is really good,

Soft bread,

Should I eat it yes I should,

Gorgeous spread!


Easter is coming!

Can I ask you today this question…

Do you actually know what Easter is all about?

It’s not about Easter eggs or presents.

Can I tell you what it IS about?

It is about Jesus, and how HE died for OUR sins.  

Can I tell you about Him and how He died?

This is how and why He died.

Jesus was born in a manger to Mary.  God sent Jesus to earth to die on Calvary so that WE could be saved from OUR sins.  We ALL have sin, we were born with it in our hearts.

 Jesus died on the cross for our sins that we might be saved.

John 3 verse 16 says… ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.’

WHOSOEVER MEANS YOU.  Try and put your name there in the place of the word ‘whosoever.’  

That if Jayne believeth in Him.  That if John believeth in Him.  That if Chloe believeth in Him.  Put your name in there.

Jesus was dead 3 days before He rose again.  He is alive in heaven, waiting to welcome you into heaven, if you believe in Him and be saved.

A simple prayer of repentence is enough. 

Are YOU ready for heaven?  Are you ready, if you would die tonight?

Make yourself ready.

Where will YOU spent eternity?

I am ready… Will I see you in heaven?