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Water Onomatopoeia, by Kezia Owens

Pitter patter, rain in a bucket,

Pitter patter, Pitter Patter

Patter pitter, rain in a bucket

Patter pitter, patter pitter.


Drip drop, water dripping from a tap,

Drip drop, drip drop,

Drop drip, water dripping from a tap,

Drop drip, drop drip.


Slurp gulp, someone drinking noisily,

Slurp gulp, slurp gulp,

Gulp slurp, someone drinking noisily,

Gulp slurp, gulp slurp.


Splish splash, someone jumping in a puddle,

Splish splash, splish splash,

Splash splish, someone jumping in a puddle,

Splash splish, splash splish.

Rosie My Puppy!

For Christmas I got a Golden Labradoodle puppy after years of wanting a dog, and I called her Rosie.

She is a very intelligent dog.

Rosie’s hair is so soft and she is lovely to pet!

She loves to chase her tail and it is funny to watch her!

Rosie is definitely one of the nicest dogs in the world.

She already knows how to sit, give her paw, stay, heel, spin, lie down, she sits and waits till you allow her to eat and she can make a figure of eight between your legs – and she is only 16 weeks old!

She is beautiful!

Rosie loves the snow and enjoys having a nibble at it!

This is Rosie! 🙂

Puppy-dog eyes!

 Fishy dreams…

 Fishy Dreams

“What is that clicking thing?”

This bed is nearly too small already!

Say cheese!

Say Cheese!

“I’m not looking at you!”


My Daddy actually took these photographs and you can check out more of his photos at