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The Very Happy Tree, by Kezia Owens

One Christmas, a man, Mr Brow and his little boy called Henry went to cut down a Christmas tree.

There were lots of big trees but there was one little small fir, a 2 footer, that was very sad and droopy looking.

It was sad because it was never chosen to be a Christmas tree.

Henry and his Father were going to buy a really big one, a 10 footer.

Henry was a nice boy, and loved nature, and was sad for the little tree and thought that he needed a little Christmas cheer!

But, he had not brought money with him so he could not get it.

They picked a 10 footer, but it just happened to be the fir’s Mother.  Oh dear, things aren’t looking good for the poor tree, were they?

Well,  Henry and his Father went home and Mr Brow put up the Christmas tree and decorated it.

But that night Henry could not forget about that 2 footer and in the morning he counted his pennies and he had just enough to buy that little tree.

So his Father took him to buy the wee fir.  They brought it home, decorated it and put him beside his Mother.

They looked lovely together, both with stars on top.

So, the very sad tree, turned into the happiest tree in the world!