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The Book-worm, by Kezia Owens

There once was a book-worm.

You might guess what this story is about when I tell you, he loved reading books.

 His name was Jonny. Jonny Humble.

At lunch-time at school he did not run about or play catch, he read a book.

His mother and father loved reading when they were little and, I guess Jonny took after them.

Instead of toys he had books. Not one toy in the house.

But one day he discovered that he had never read ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl.

His mother told him to go to the local library so off he went.

When he got to the library he looked for the Roald Dahl column.  He found it and immediately saw “Matilda”.

The librarian that helped Jonny called him a Book-worm and another one laughed quietly.

When he went home, complete with the book, he went to his room and started reading.  His mother was amazed by the sounds coming from his room that night, laughing and screaming and shouting!  When he came down to say good night his mother said “Do you like that book?!

He liked the way every one called him book-worm.

I must admit that I’m quite the book-worm, I love books.


Farmer Jo’s Birthday, by Kezia Owens

Farmer Jo had a very big farm.

He had lots of animals and the animals were quite naughty.

The pigs, Messy, Crazy and Mucky, loved to tread on the wheat when they got out of their pen. The cows loved to run on the vegetable patches when the children have left the gate open and the lambs loved to squeeze in the dog flap and nibble the cakes the Farmer’s wife made.

The other animals do naughty things too.

Altogether it was a very bad farm. One day, farmer Jo said it  was his birthday.

The animals plotted to give him a really big surprise. They planned to go into the farmhouse and eat things, dirty things and hide things.

You might think that’s bad but Crazy had a very crazy idea.

Let’s live in the house, Farmer Jo will be away, I heard him saying he is going for a holiday.  (Now if this story was real, Farmer Jo could not have left the farm for this long), and Farmer Jo was planning to stay away for 3 weeks.

So when Farmer Jo left for his holiday with his wife, the animals sneaked into their house.

They messed everything and you should have seen the state of the house!

Then Mucky said, “Look! Money, the farmers’ money. Who fancies some new clothes?”  “ME, ME,ME!” Shouted the pigs and everyone shouted ” Yea” or “now you are talking!”

So, they went to the shops. You should have seen them!

They bought heaps of stuff, tops, caps, hats, skirts, trousers, sweets, and they even bought glasses.

Woolly, a sheep, said “what do we do now?” Hungry, the cow said, “I’m hungry”.  “You’re always hungry,” said Crazy, and then added, “but yea, I’m starving!”

Decision made, they went to the cafe, and guess what Hungry got?  A big salad, 2 burgers, 4 portions of chips, 7 sausages and 10 cups of tea (with milk!)

When the got back to the farm, they had a BIG, BIG shock.  Who was unlocking the farmhouse door?  Farmer Jo’s sister and brother-in-law.

The animals called them Aunt Delia-worst-animal-farm-sitter and Uncle George-not-know-a-lot-about-animals.

Aunt Delia was awful.  She did not like animals and did not know how to keep them.

Uncle George shouted at the the horses for stopping for water when they were working and did not take Max the dog out for a walk.

When Delia walked in the door of the farmhouse she gasped.  Straight away she started clearing up.  In half a hour she had the place looking spick and span.

At last it was time for Delia and George to leave.

Up pulled Farmer Jo’s car and he got out.

He went into his house and now it was his turn to gape.

He looked round his house and said, “Is this my farm?  in a surprised voice, “How could it be so clean?

Little did he know…



The Very Happy Teddy! by Kezia Owens


There once was a teddy and he was owned by a two year old boy called Mark.

The teddy’s name was Berry.

Mark and Berry loved each other.

Mark would never let Berry leave his side.  He did everything with Berry!

Berry went to school with Mark.

Every day, Berry shared Mark’s breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

Every Saturday he had a bath with Mark.

Every Sunday Mark and his parents took Berry to church.

What a busy, happy teddy was he!