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Elephant Jokes

Q: Whats big and grey and protects you from the rain?    A: An umbrellaphant!

Q: Why were the elephants thrown out of the swimming pool?       A: Their trunks kept falling down!

 A Sheep Joke

Q: Why did the sheep cross the road?      A: It wanted to go the Baarbers!

A Cow Joke

Q: Why did the cow go to town?      A: To see the moovies!

Under-sea Jokes

Q: Where does a fish keep it’s money?      A: In the river bank!

Q: Why is it easy to weigh fish?      A: They have their own scales!

Q: Why did the fish have to eat with his fins when the octopus came to tea?      A: All his cutlery was being used!

  Butterfly Jokes

Q: What do butterflies like on their toast?      A: Butter.

Q: What do caterpillars turn into?     A: Kittens!

The Little Girl

There once was a little girl, called Sarah.

She had no parents, so she stayed with her Aunt Dee. ( her real name is Deirdre).

Aunt Dee hated children and animals.

Sarah was a little girl, only nine years old, with lovely, glossy, black hair. Her eyes were a lovely blue colour.

She loved animals and babies. She had a Yorkshire terrier called Shaggy.

Aunt Dee of course did not allow Sarah to own Shaggy, so Sarah hid him.

Then one day, when she was out walking, she heard something, a meow, and then she heard a hrumph then Sarah said “No, surely not, I think I heard a horse!”

She did hear a horse and a kitten too! In a stable all alone, stood a pony and a tiny kitten looking half-starved.

She fed the them both and then took the Kitten in her arms and started to lead the horse down the road.

Where was she taking them to?  She was taking them to Aunt Dee’s house!

She called the horse Lady and the kitten Daisy and she somehow got them to Aunt Dee’s house, unseen and kept them as her pets secretly.

Now Sarah worked happier and faster than ever, and Shaggy, Lady and Daisy had a nice time together too!


Jolly Jasper, by Kezia Owens

Jolly Jasper was a cat who loved laughing.

 He was always happy and jolly!

 One day, everyone was sad, (except Jasper) because Jingle the Kitten was lost.

Everyone was getting tired of Jasper laughing.

They sent out a search party to find the kitten.

Soon the kitten was found – but she was very cold.

Jasper was upset and realised that not everything was not as funny as it seemed.