Monthly Archives: March 2014

Roses, by Kezia Owens

Roses are red, pink, and white, growing big all through the night.

Lovely shades of pink, white and red, staring at them till it’s time for bed.

But though they are nice, just look at the stem, look at the thorns growing up them.

Watch the buds blooming in spring, summer and fall, but, oh those thorns just ruin it all.

Sunshine, by Kezia Owens

Sunshine is nice, yellow and hot, no need for warm soup stewing in a pot.  In it you swim, sun-bathe and run, playing and having water fights, oh, such fun!

The sun shining brings happiness, Easter, the summer holidays, and playing in the park. You are playing and playing until it is dark.  Doing nothing is such a bore, why not go outside and play some more?