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Snow, by Kezia Owens

          Snow is lovely, white and fine, such a beauty, so divine, gorgeous, cold,                   snowmen to mould, enjoying it all, till spring  doth fall.

Snow is such fun, through it you run, throwing snow-balls, having snow-fights,           dancing in snow under the lights,  making snowmen, dogs and women, having races and winning, enjoying it all, till spring doth fall.

The Dog And The Cat, by Kezia Owens

There once was a dog and his name was Scott, a dachshund, and  his master Jimmy had a sister called Jemima and she had a cat.

Her cat’s name was Spot because she LOVED her spotty, squeaky cat toy.

Scott and Spot were not the best of friends. Scott chased Spot rather a lot of times and Spot woke up Scott about one-hundred times in two days.

One day, Spot had kittens, and Scott’s wife, the next-door neighbour’s dog, had pups the same day.

The pups were called, Ollie, Rolo, Polo and Lola.  The kittens were called, Oscar, Pongo, Ron and Lilac. 

Guess what? Ollie and Oscar became friends, so did Rolo and Ron, Polo and Pongo, and Lilac and Lola did too!

But, Scott and Spot were totally different. They will never, ever become friends.

The Poor Old Toy, by Kezia Owens

There was a poor old toy, he never got played with.  He did not stay in the toy box only a plastic bag.  He didn’t have lots of sets of clothes like the barbie-doll, all he had was the clothes he was wearing.  He was not all finely stitched like a lovely new rag-doll.  He was only a dirty, old teddy, nearly all his stuffing out, threads pulled, not wanted by anyone.  He used to live with a little boy called John and his sister, Tracey, and was their favourite toy, but one day that ended.  It was John’s birthday, so of course he got new toys.  He got a phone, and some games for the phone so he loved that and he forgot about his teddy. When Tracey and John’s mummy cleared out John’s room one day, She threw him out, into the plastic-bag. His home now is in that plastic-bag, sleeping in a very uncomfortable position, not beside John, in his bed.

     THE  END